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What’s your shaping philosophy / design process?


Listen to what the customer wants their surfboard to do. Understand the type of waves and range in size the board will be surfed in. This is a crucial aspect of surfboard design— combining the appropriate curves on the surfboard to fit in the curves of specific waves.  Discuss surfboard design theories and characteristics. I believe the perfect surfboard is 80% mental and 20% design. A surfer can have a perfectly tuned board, but if they aren't completely confident with the design characteristics we chose, it could ruin their experience and our business relationship. As their shaper I need to find out what design elements the customer is comfortable with. If a surfer wants to step outside of their comfort zone and experiment with a new design element, I have to communicate the pros and cons about how the characteristics of the board will respond and make sure they are completely confedent with the decision.


How do I order a board?  


Send an email using the contact page.

Please include the following information about the surfer:

  1. Height

  2. Weight

  3. Experience

  4. Surf spots (or a description of a type of wave)

  5. Wave height range

I will contact you to go over specific details and finalize the design before the order is processed.


How long will it take to complete the manufacturing? 


Depending on the season, the turnaround for a custom order can be as fast as 2 weeks. Rush orders are available upon request. 


How much is a custom shaped surfboard? 


Custom shaped surfboards vary in price depending on the additional options, special features and materials. Email me through the contact page for more information.  

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